Why You Should Go to Korea for Your Girly Getaway


Single? Annoying boyfriend? Go get your girlfriends, getaway for a bit and have some fun! Where? That’s easy, Korea! Give KKday a few minutes of your time and we’ll give you 5 big reasons why you should pick Korea for your girl trip!

#1 Hongdae Night Clubs

Hondae has the liveliest nightlife in Korea and if you’re out with your girls then this is where you’ll want to dance the night away. The great part about partying with your girls is that you can take care of each other if one has a little too much to drink or if a stranger gets a little too friendly. At the end of the night, at 3 or 4am you can share a taxi back!

A little advice – There’s no need to get too dressed up for going out to a Korean night club, locals tend to just wear comfortable clothes, wear what you like of course, but the overdressed ones are easily spotted as foreigners. Also on the last Friday of the month, the clubs get together and hold a “Club Day”. Buy one 20000 Won ticket for entry into 10 participating clubs!

#2 Cosmetics


Who better to go shopping for makeup with than your best girls who know what they’re doing and you can trust. And where better to go shopping for makeup than Korea with it’s world famous cosmetic brands!

#3 Underground Shopping Malls

Flickr | Sabrina Lin

Don’t tell me your boyfriend doesn’t lose his mind after more than 5 minutes shopping together. When you go and visit shopping heaven in the vast underground shopping malls of Seoul you’ll need a hell of a lot more time than 5 minutes! Bringing your girls with you only makes it even more fun!

#4 Spas


In Korean spas (jjimjilbang) the bathing areas separate men and women so you can’t enjoy it with your boyfriend anyway. If you bring your girlfriends though, you can soak it up and chat with them as you relax together watching the time fly by.

Give it a try – Dragon Hill Spa Ticket

#5 Desserts

Flickr | Pooh Lin

One of the many differences between men and women is men will stuff themselves with the main course and not leave any room for dessert. Women however, can control themselves! We’ll pace ourselves and leave space for a tasty treat at the end. There is no better way to finish a meal than to enjoy a nice sweet finish with your girls, chatting and sharing cake and ice cream!

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