How to Enjoy Singles' Day While Travelling


Holler if you're proud of being single! If you live in a shell, 11/11, also known as Singles' Day, is China's version of Black Friday, inviting all single people to celebrate single life with extremely crazy sales annually. If you happen to be travelling during Singles' Day and don't have time to camp on taobao, KKday teaches you how to rock Singles' Day overseas. It's time to take pride in being single!

1. Korea

Mr. Show in Korea

All the single ladies, all the single ladies~ If there's any advantage in being a single lady, it's going to a male strip show without feeling guilty. *breathing intensifies*

Mr. Show in Korea

The roof is about to be set on fire with Mr Show, Seoul's only male strip show. Watch eight of the hottest Korean men perform right before you — get wild with Mr Show's hot dance moves and set your ovaries on fire with their extremely well-defined muscles. If you're lucky, you could get invited up to the stage with other ladies for a close-up interaction with Mr Show men! Did we mention ladies only? Being single doesn't sound so bad after all, right?

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2. Thailand

Once you hit a certain age, you'll start to feel stressed out about not being in a relationship. Take this Single's Day as an excuse to let go of your worries and go for a relaxing spa session in Bangkok.

Spa in Thailand (Dennis Wong)

Spa and massage sessions are said to provide many health benefits like improving overall blood circulation, exfoliating of dead skin to make your skin look brighter and healthier and relieve you of chronic pain. If you're in Bangkok during Singles' Day, we recommend a Blooming Life aromatherapy massage. Who knows, your love life might just start to bloom after a revitalising spa session!

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3. Australia

With more than 50,000 frosted-glass spheres that starts to bloom once the night falls, Uluru Field of Light art installation in Uluru is the largest Field of Light to date. This monumental artwork was made possible by Bruce Munro's and his talented team. You'll never see sunsets the same way again after you've visited Uluru Field of Light.

Okay we admit, this might be a tad bit more romantic if you're with your significant other. But friends can turn into more than friends when you're at the right place, geddit geddit?

>> How to get to Uluru Field of Light

4. Japan

Strolling with Kimono (2benny)

Shake things up a little when you're wandering along Tokyo with a dazzling kimonoRent a kimono and saunter the streets of Tokyo in an incredibly ladylike manner and relish in the attention of others. With the help of professional hands to doll you up like a noble lady from the Edo period, you're sure to turn heads on the streets.

>> Renting a kimono in Tokyo

You never know when you're going to be bogged down with responsibilities, so why not relish a little during singlehood?

Calling all lonely souls! KKday is celebrating this Singles' Day with 11% + 11% off the abovementioned activities and more selected travel activities in Australia, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia! More information can be found here.

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