What to Do in Busan This October?

Photo credit: Busan International Film Festival

Germany has Oktoberfest; what does Busan have? Take a Train to Busan (see what we did there) this October to take part in Busan's two greatest festivals — Busan fireworks festival and Busan International Film Festival! Hop on the KKday train as we tell you what's up in Busan this October.

Busan Fireworks Festival

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The extravagant fireworks show to celebrate the 2005 APEC Busan Summit left such a deep impression among the 21 participating countries and onlookers that Busan decided to make the fireworks an annual affair, and this was how Busan Fireworks Festival was born.

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Get ready for a jaw-dropping moment when the fireworks festival begin — a myriad of unique and colourful fireworks, this high-tech laser light show puts Star Wars lightsabre to shame.

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If you enjoy being in the centre of action, head over to Gwangalli Beach to soak up in the atmosphere. Prefer somewhere less rowdy? Trek up to Hwangnyeongsan Mountain for an unobscured panoramic view of the fireworks.

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What's a firework show without food? While waiting for the extravaganza to begin, why not nibble and snack on some chimek like the Koreans? Stop anywhere along the streets of Busan and you can spot mega drool-inducing Korean street food of Busanholy moly.

22 October 2016

Gwangalli Beach, Gwangan Bridge
219, Hwanganhaebyeon-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan

Busan International Film Festival

Photo credit: Flickr/Jens-Olaf Walter

Since its induction in 1996, Busan International Film Festival has grown into Korea's largest film festival. Receiving love and attention from fans and media from all over the world, you can expect to see grade AAA Korean actors and actresses gracing the red carpet of Busan International Film Festival. Do the names Lee Minho, Song Joongki, Song Jihyo ring a bell? It doesn't take a Korean drama addict to know who's the hottest stars in Korea.

Photo credit: Flickr/Cecil Lee

Designed by an Austrian architect and hosting Busan International Film Festival, the Busan Cinema Centre, located in Centum City, is a 30,000 square metre building with a 4,000 seat outdoor theatre, four indoor screens under a LED-covered roof, media centre, archive space and conference rooms for industry forums and educational activities.

Drop by Busan International Film Festival if you're in Busan this October. Who knows, you might just bump into your bias!

6 October — 10 October 2016

Centum City, U-dong, Haeun Daegu, Busan-si

Photo credit: Flickr/Jerry Kim

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