6 Things You Must Buy in France's Supermarkets

France supermarket (Flickr/ Dean Hochman)

Interested in living life the French way on your vacation in France? what better way than to explore their supermarkets? Snap up some French snacks not easily available in Singapore or discover hidden finds — here are the 6 things KKday recommends you to buy in France's supermarkets. Don't forget to roll a trolley along because you'll definitely run out of hands for your loots!

1. French Candies

Haribo gummy candy (Souvenirfinder)

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll adore popular French candies like Haribo Tagada and Carambar Caramel Candy — the favourite childhood candies of numerous French generations! Mhmm, yum yum. They must be really doing something right to gain endless fans of different ages.

2. French Cheese 

Cheese in France supermarket (Elspeth Briscoe)

The French take their cheese business seriously; they have cheese with everything, and we're not talking about just as an appetiser but also for mains and desserts! Rejoice if you're a cheese lover because the French supermarket's cheese section spoils you with countless varieties of cheese.

3. Lotus Speculoos Spread

Lotus Speculoos spread (WednesdayChef)

A Northern France and Belgium speciality, Speculoos is a caramelised cinnamon biscuit spread that's usually paired with toast or pancakes. French children sometimes get a spoonful of Speculoos on its own if they're well-behaved. Think: the French version of our coveted Nutella. Even though you can hunt this down in Singapore, it's definitely much cheaper in France

4. Bonne Maman Tartelettes

Bonne Maman Tartlettes (Michiel2005)

Highly raved by the locals, Bonne Maman Tartelettes are cookies eaten usually during breakfast. and it comes in several flavours like caramel, chocolate and citron — a hot favourite. 

5. Le Petit Marseilials Soap

Le Petit Marseilials soaps (Sosusie.com)

Soap? Isn't that an auntie thing to buy overseas? Ahhh, but Le Petit Marseilials Soaps are creamy and gentle on your skin. Not to mention that you can get them at bargain at the French supermarkets! These pocket-friendly soaps, found only in France, make great souvenirs for your family and friends back in Singapore too.

6. French Booze

Pastis de Marseille (souvenirfinder)

Originating from southern France, Pastis de Marseille is a anise liqueur well loved by French. Remember to add Cassis and Normandy to your list if you are getting a few bottles.

Grocery shopping overseas is one of KKday's favourite activities because it allows us to learn the local life while stocking up on items that make a great souvenir for our friends and family — you have to try it to believe it!

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