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7 Fun and Unique Things To Do In Korea This Spring


Korea has four clearly defined seasons, and wedged neatly between the cold winter and humid summer, is spring. As the snow and ice melts in spring, flowers bloom and brilliant festivals kick off the spring season in style. Besides its awesome kimchi and shopping sprees, check out these fun and unusual things to do in Korea this Besides its awesome kimchi and shopping sprees, check out these fun and unusual things to do in Korea this spring.

7 Awesome Things To Do At Kota Kinabalu For An Incredible Weekend Getaway

Just a 2.5 hour flight away from Singapore, Sabah Kota Kinabalu is one of the best, and most underrated weekend getaway destinations for Singaporeans. With lush rainforests and paradisiac islands, what's there not to love about the coastal city? Here are a list of exciting activities to discover on Kota Kinabalu for an unforgettable weekend escapade from the city.

Here's What To Do In Bali For An Exciting Weekend Getaway

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Bali is nicknamed the Island of Gods for a reason. Ridiculously beautiful with its volcanic mountains and lush rainforests, the Indonesian island is like a piece of untouched paradise. If work/school has been getting up your nerves recently, cut yourself some slack and head over to Bali for a quick getaway from the city! The island is teeming with some of the world's most exciting travel activities and landmarks to spice up your typical dull weekends.

Here are a list of amazing things to do in Bali that we bet would have you packing at the end of this post.

Taiwan's Most Beautiful Flower Festivals To Up Your Instagram Game This Spring


Spring is just round the corner and boy, are we stoked for it! It is the season for when pink veils the Earth, and flower festivals are held to celebrate the coming of new life. If you're heading to Taiwan this cherry blossom season, here are the city's top flower festivals that will change your Instagram photos into #feedgoals.

The 8 Best Places In Korea To Chase Cherry Blossoms

(Yuichi Kosio)

As spring drives away the winter cold in Korea, nature awakens and life carpets the Earth. Flowers bud, trees thaw and grass grow, but amidst all of that hullabaloo, the beauty of cherry blossoms shines through. Japan might be the first that springs (yes, pun intended) to mind as we speak of cherry blossoms or sakura, but Korea can rival anything Japan has to offer. Here are some of the most dazzling spots in Korea to catch the cherry blossoms in spring.

Top 10 Amazing Things To Do In Japan During Spring


Spring is definitely the most wonderful time of year to visit Japan — the climate is delightfully cool, cherry blossoms are everywhere, and there's an entire string of intriguing festivals and activities to join in. If you’re lucky enough to be in Japan during this beautiful time of year, look no further than KKday’s spring travel guide to Japan!

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