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The 8 Best Places In Korea To Chase Cherry Blossoms

(Yuichi Kosio)

As spring drives away the winter cold in Korea, nature awakens and life carpets the Earth. Flowers bud, trees thaw and grass grow, but amidst all of that hullabaloo, the beauty of cherry blossoms shines through. Japan might be the first that springs (yes, pun intended) to mind as we speak of cherry blossoms or sakura, but Korea can rival anything Japan has to offer. Here are some of the most dazzling spots in Korea to catch the cherry blossoms in spring.

Top 10 Amazing Things To Do In Japan During Spring


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6 Stunning Cherry Blossom Spots To Visit This Spring [EXCLUSIVE OFFER]

(Takashi. M)

Each spring, only a few lucky places are blessed with cherry blossoms — a short-lived but wonderful parade of pink and white flowers — drawing people from near and far to seize a glimpse of the spectacle.

Catching the cherry blossoms takes a little planning and research, but thank your lucky stars as KKday has picked out a few of the best cherry blossom spots across Japan, Korea and Taiwan, especially for you this spring!

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